Sweet Bites RVA FAQs

Which forms of payment do you accept?

I accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Venmo, and PayPal.  (Checks may also be accepted in special circumstances.)

How far in advance should I order a custom cake or other dessert?

The earlier the better! -- typically a minimum of 2-3 weeks is suggested, to allow for ordering/arrival of materials/supplies if needed.  For simpler orders (e.g. chocolate chip cookies, "plain" cakes),  a week's notice will usually be adequate. 

Do you offer any gluten-free baked goods?

I do not currently offer any gluten-free items; however, I have been working to develop and transform my existing recipes into amazing gluten-free creations!

What is fondant and what does it taste like?

Fondant is a form of icing that gives a smooth outer surface to a cake when applied properly.  Before adding fondant, the cake is filled with buttercream and/or any fillings you request, and iced with a layer of buttercream on the outside as well.  Then, the fondant is draped over the cake for a smooth finish.  

Fondant is also a preferred medium for sculpting figures and adding decorations/embellishments to cakes, so it's a good chance that fondant will be used in some capacity if you are requesting a themed cake.  

Fondant has a somewhat chewy consistency and is sweet, but does not have the same flavor profile as scratch-made buttercream or other frostings.  For those (like me) who want the design, but don't prefer the flavor/texture, fondant is very easy to peel off so you can fully enjoy the cake and frosting underneath without sacrificing design!

What is the easiest way to slice and serve a cake?

Take a look at the images below and click to see step by step instructions!

Image Credit: Wilton Brands LLC

Terms and Conditions:

Deposits and Payments: Event/Order Due Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Orders are not final, nor will a date be reserved, until a non-refundable deposit (with amount as determined by Sweet Bites RVA, LLC) has been received. Base Prices do not include sales tax or delivery fee (where applicable). Final payment is due one week (7 days) prior to Event/Order Due Date. If a client's order was placed one week (7 days) or less prior to the Event/Order Due Date, the full amount is due upon receipt. Sweet Bites RVA, LLC reserves the right to cancel any orders or appointments that have not been paid without a prior discussed arrangement.

Cake Tastings: All cake tastings will incur a fee of $25, good for two (2) guests. Cake tastings include client's choice of four (4) different cake flavors and their paired frostings. Cake samples are baked fresh to order, and tasting fee must be received to secure the consultation date and ensure samples will be baked. The $25 fee shall be applied to the client's wedding/event order should they choose to move forward with Sweet Bites RVA as their wedding/event baker.

Cancellations and Refunds: Cancellations for a partial refund (less the deposit amount) must be made no less than one week (7 days) prior to Event/Order Due Date.** Please note that the deposit is transferable to a new custom order within 6 months from the cancellation date; in addition, the new order may differ in cost from the initial order total. Transfer of the original deposit to a new date is dependent upon availability of the desired date.

**Orders cancelled less than 7 days prior to the Event/Order Due Date are nonrefundable and nontransferable, regardless of monies paid.**

On Custom Orders: All orders are made from scratch and designed/decorated to order. Since each item is one-of-a-kind, cake prices are based on the ingredients used and time required for assembly and decoration. All efforts are made to recreate designs if the client has chosen a particular design/photo, with the understanding that colors and other elements may vary slightly due to differences in product use and/or to preserve structural integrity. Items such as dowels and other structural support features may be used for larger or more complex orders, and will be communicated to the client upon pickup/delivery. Use of materials which are inedible (i.e. “dummy tiers”) are rare; but if necessary, will be communicated to the client either during design review or upon pickup/delivery. The client assumes all responsibility for any damages or injury incurred after pick up, during client transport, or after delivery/set up of an order.

Release of Liability: The client assumes all responsibility for any damage or changes incurred to their order after pick up, during client transport, or after delivery/set up of an order. This includes changes due to weather conditions (e.g. displaying outside), storage conditions/duration, accidental damage, allergic reactions, illness, acts of God, etc.

Sweet Bites RVA is a licensed and insured private cottage bakery compliant under Virginia Food Law Exemption § 3.2-5130, item A.3.

Business License, Tax-ID, and Certificate of Fact available upon request.

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